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Buying and running a motor car can be a very expensive business as most of us motorists will know. We take into account the colour of the car, how it looks, and Daha fazla yardımcı ipucu the bodywork and of course the price but one thing we should also consider when shopping for our car is how fuel efficient it is. It may seem like a good deal when you buy it, but is it really going to be cost effective if you are throwing money at a gas guzzler?

The internet can help you make a good choice. You can visit a site called www.fueleconomy.gov to get the emission ratings and mileage of all cars which are currently on sale. Another good reference site which you can use is Edmunds.com. Here you will be able to see the top ten most fuel efficient cars for 2006 which will give you a good indication how your choice of car would perform.


By doing your research in to potential fuel costs, you could well be surprised just how much fuel a certain make and type of car will eat up.


Of course the majority of us realise that the smaller the car then the more efficient it is going to be, so take this into account. A manual car rather than an automatic will also get you more miles to the gallon.

In the past the diesel car got a bad reputation for being smelly and noisy. However, with advancements you can now no longer tell if the car is diesel. Diesel is also known now to be more fuel efficient.

Just because you are buying a used car doesnt mean you cannot get one thats fuel efficient. Fuel efficient cars have been around for a long time, so you can still get a bargain while saving money on the cost of running it.